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Fuel Cell Vehicles

Captain Worley

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Some pics of the Honda Clarity Fuel cell Vehicle from the Los Angeles Auto Show.



(sorry for the inattentive kid who ran right in front of the shot...)





According to the spokesman, the car should have a range of almost 270 miles on a full tank of Hydrogen. They plan on leasing the first few hundred, to be built by hand, in Southern California. Currently there are 3 Hyrdrogen refueling stations in the L.A. metro area with a dozen to be online in the next couple of years.

The car was larger than a Civic and very well appointed. The current cost to fill the car up for 270 miles would be about $20-25 dollars per tank.

What I thought was cool was the home refueling station Honda is developing which will allow the owner/operator to refuel this car at a home which has natural gas service. This station also produces energy the home can use as well as some heat...

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Doesn't it take more energy to create the fuel cell platform than it ultimately yields? I ask because my understanding is limited, but I've been told that it is a net energy loser.

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