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Towsley Center for Children Replacement Facility


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This facility is located on Forest Ave, just across from the Forest Ave. Parking structure. Currently, a low two story 50's modern building occupies the site that I'm more than glad to see get demoed.

IMO, this new building fits very well with the existing neighborhood.



This project will replace the existing facility with an approximately 22,000 gross square foot building on the same site. The facility will have two stories above a partial basement, and include an option for future expansion space. Approximately 14,000 net square feet will provide capacity for 142 children within the new Towsley Center, approximately double its current capacity.
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Oh, I love it. The old building was always one of my least favorites. I used to walk by it often when I lived on Forest. It always seemed Old, ugly, moldy/dirty (I think because of the materials and paint), with a really bad parking lot in front. This building is much better and fits in nicely to the rest of the neighboorhood.

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