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dep office highrise at capital circle/hwy 10


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back when i was at fsu about 4 years ago, i was exploring this one time and came across a rather tall (for the area) golden glass office highrise, over just west of capital circle/south of hwy 10. i recently stumbled across the same building on google earth, and it almost looked as if about half of it suffered fire damage! does this building still exist?



does anyone have any images of this building? it's kind of striking with its gaudy gold glass. (reminds me of a couple of buildings up here in suburban detroit - southfield)

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it underwent a name change at some point in the past few years, not exactly sure when. (but man has it undergone some changes!)

thanks for the photo, and the correct name! (douglass) the only reason i knew it was even known as the dep building was because it had been named on wikimapia...

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Welcome to UP-Tallahassee cabasse! Some people still call this the Duracell battery building. That's how it was first described to me many years ago before I ever moved here. They were explaining to exit off I-10 at the Duracell battery building to get to the airport.

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it's a rather cool looking building, and i like its setting amongst the trees. (and peering above the tops of them from the highway) does anybody have any other photos of it?

and while i'm at it, are there any other random highrises outside downtown i never came across in tally?

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