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The Next Big Announcement


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The day of the Quicken Announcement, Kwame was interviewed on WDIV Local 4 and made a reference to an announcement "in a couple of weeks" of another site downtown right after talk of luring more companies downtown. I don't know if he exactly meant another company or just a big project. I think this may be the announcement of the new hockey arena or of a cobo expansion(I HOPE). In one of the quicken articles, the writer was talking about how sucessful the local leaders were with this move, and then at the end of the article it said, "Hopefully the leaders can do the same with cobo..." Maybe a hint of an expansion. What do you all think the announcement will be?

Go to Detroit Mayor Talks To Local 4 About Quicken Deal

The announcement talk is at 4mins.34sec.


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My top Development Desires

1. MCS Purchased by Trump for Trump Tower Detroit with retail / new Amtrack train station on bottom floors with courtyard / mall in front of building on Michigan AVE, Condos and Hotel on top floors

2. New Department store in Downtown Detroit (lets say Macys) in the stlye of tradional Department store buildings, IE not big box.

3. New Red wings arena (Gordie Howe Arena anyone?) to be built on the spot where the old tiger stadium used to be (after it is demolished)

4. City Airport to be purchased by Southwest Airlines as thier new regional hub, moving from metro airport.

5. Expansion of People Mover North to New center/ Herny Ford Hospital, North East to Eastern Market/ City Airport, South West to MCS/ U of M Dearborn

Thank You

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Actually, it will be a space elevator, which will make harvesting the moon (which is made of cheese, of course) more efficient. It will be the world's biggest cheesecake factory, and will have attached parking.

I think the new Wings place would be a nice thing to hear. Cobo would be nice to hear too. But we already know something's going to happen with those eventually, so I'd rather hear something new. It sounds like it might be another company Dan Gilbert got down there, who wanted their own time in the spotlight. But I'd like for it to be something new.

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Some things I have heard at DetroitYES and here:

1.) New Arena

2.) Cobo/New Arena

3.) Fifth-Third Bank

4.) Bank of America

5.) Monroe Block

6.) Ethnic Village?

7.) Tiger Stadium site

8.) RenShore Condo tower

9.) West Riverfront

Also: "Kwame said that there would be two announcements, one being something we have been hearing about for a while (i.e. the Quicken Loans announcement) and the other being something brand new."

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....or the groundbreaking to everything else he had announced, ie. more condos on the river, neighborhood revitilization, Hart Plaza, etc. My point...it seems whatever he annouces, it's closer to a vision than reality. Not his fault, but I'd never remember all the things that have been announced over the years but never came to fruition, yet. just go back several pages on UP and you'll find them. This will just be an addition thats keeping this website running in the first place, creating some hype, and then disapearing.

Maybe he had spoken to a casino developer or something to come in and shut the two county executives up, regarding Cobo. But just like with everything else in this region, it'll probably either take many years or never happen. By then, Chicago would have probably stolen the show.

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Well, the couple of weeks is up. My guess was a Christmas announcement, which logically would be this Friday. If not, perhaps if papers are run Monday and Tuesday, it'll come on the actual holiday. Anyway, I give up speculation after next week and just lump this heresay w/ the rest of Detroit flabber-blabber.

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