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Is it Just me or is something wrong here (crime data study)

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Ok so the news is the newest crime survey just came out and Detroit is number 1... whatever

so when I was looking at the names of metro areas compared, I looked for charlotte, and nope not on the list... Are you kidding they did places like scranton PA

heres the list:


please tell me im an idiot and i missed it, how could charlotte nc with a region of 2.3 million people not be on there??????

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In order to be included in the 14th Annual Safest City and Safest Metropolitan Area Award

rankings, cities and metro areas must report data for six crime categories: murder, rape, robbery,

aggravated assault, burglary, and motor vehicle theft. Complete crime information for 2006 was

not available for a number of cities and metropolitan areas. These details are outlined below...

...Aggravated assault statistics were not reported

for Barnstable Town, MA; Springfield, MA; Worcester, MA; Charlotte-Gastonia-Concord, NC-SC;

Jacksonville, FL; and Savannah, GA.

Source: http://www.cqpress.com/docs/Public%205%20-...ingCities14.pdf

The same study, however, revealed that Charlotte is the nation's 50th most dangerous city. (See here)

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Asked and answered, so there is not much to discuss. (Plus, magazine rating threads are not usually allowed.)

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