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Sydney's integrated transport system

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Current maps:

For full network see next post....

Light rail/monorail:


Millennium Trains:




The light rail:



...and the monorail:


More pics/info @ http://www.metrolightrail.com.au

Since a council boundary change of Feb 6 '04 downtown Sydney has

*13 rail stations (10 subway stations) including the 7 traditional CBD stations

* 12 lightrail stations/stops

* 8 monorail stations



Proposal for light rail CBD extension:


Rail proposals (and roadwork) for the greater metro area:


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I wish American cities had such comprehensive transit systems!! Thanks for all the info. :)

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Always wondered about Sydney's transit system! Thanks for clearing this up!

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Wow, thanks for the all the info.  That is a very extensive system, and I had no idea that Sydney had a monorail.  Great to see the ferrys are tied in extensively with the rail system. If you live in the city, can you mosty get by without having to own an automobile?

The Sydney monorail was completed in 1988 amidst many protests at the time, especially during its construction. It now carries on average 4 million passenger per year.

The light rail opened in 2 stages. Firstly in 1997 from Central Station to Wentworth Park. In 200O it was extended to Lilyfield and now carries on average 3.5 million passengers per year. The light rail used an old goods rail and was converted for this use.

See 1st pic post map of this thread.

As in Sydney like most Western cities, there is a great disparity of $$$s spent on roads as opposed to further improvements of mass transit systems. This is due the age old "pressure' and influence of the automobile industy and oil (petrol) cartels.

A typical traffic scene in a downtown Sydney street:


The subway line now being constructed between Epping & Chatswood:


______________^see middle top of the large metro Sydney rail and ferry map @ end of 2nd post in this thread.^

Possible future light rail extension further west to Ashfield Rail Station:


More future rail proposals - 2020:


...and Ron Christie's 2040 proposal with 80 new stations, more subway lines and subway line extensions:


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