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Downtown GR becoming a "24-hour city"


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Wow, could this discussion be more timely as applied to downtown GR's future? Check out the main thread of this topic over in URBAN DISCUSSION and bring some of that discussion back over here (some really good ideas and shaping thoughts for our 24-hour downtown future . . . . ). :thumbsup:

LINK: http://www.urbanplanet.org/forums/24-hour-city-t36013.html

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I'd love to see it, but I wonder if there are enough outgoing people in the 30-50 year old bracket to warrant it in GR. My friend and I are in our mid-late 30's and are always surprised that we seem to be the oldest people at the concerts we go to. My friend spent a lot of time in TN and saw all age groups represented. In GR, it's like a scene from Logan's Run when it hits midnight, and those that have gone home to bed are typically those with the most disposable income.

If you fit that category and disagree strongly...come argue your point with me tonight. I'll probably be in Rocky's for last call about 2am ;)

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