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Charlotte's Light Rail: Lynx Blue Line


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59 minutes ago, kermit said:

Trains are steadily getting more crowded (how about increasing frequency CATS?). The Old Concord station parking lot has 3x the cars it had two weeks ago, but it’s still at 20% of capacity.

Once Wells starts going back into the office (Oct 18 now) I think that train really starts to fill.... 20k people Uptown, plus all the support workers....

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34 minutes ago, Matthew.Brendan said:

My group (Wells IT) has already been told don’t expect to be in the office this year, which suits me just fine. *shrugs* 

 In another department we don't even have space right now after being boxed up and told we were moving to 2 WFC almost a year ago. Not sure we will ever really go back.

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8 hours ago, CharlotteWkndBuzz said:

I'm not a SE expert, but I'd choose Option 2.  Atherton Mill and Sycamore will def be more of a destination than the Publix stop (Option 1). 

If you are going by visitor numbers to each Publix probably beats Atherton and Sycamore.  Grocery Stores generate huge volumes .  That said Atherton  would generate more visibility to more businesses and would be less disruptive to the residents along the line,

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19 hours ago, Hushpuppy321 said:

Alright You Folks that know Southend quite well - What are the Pro's & Con's for the New Blue Line Station Option 1 or Option 2?

I know you are looking for a pro/con, but alternatively If I'm at the betting window  I'd place my money on Publix on the chance that they put to use their highly effective government relations team. As a recovering Florida resident; I've seen those folks move entire intersections, change parking guidelines and (most impressively) change county liquor laws on a whim.  With that said, this seems like a town run by commercial devs and brokers so the odds on that bet are probably closely aligned with who has more potential sqft to lease. 

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