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Which Memphis Station has the best local news?

Rural King

Local Memphis newscasts  

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  1. 1. Which station's local newscast do you prefer?

    • WREG CH 3 CBS
    • WPTY CH 24 ABC
    • WMC-TV CH 5 NBC
    • WHBQ-TV CH 13 Fox

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Just a fun little poll to see who prefers which news cast and for what reasons.

I prefer Channel 5 due its more professional newcast and better coverage of local, regional, and state issues.

Channel 24 seems to be more local breaking news orientated with a newscast that borders on humorous at points, while Channel 3 seems rather standardized and bland IMO.

I have not watched enough Fox 13 newscasts to form an opinion.

So what does everybody else prefer? And why?

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Being 800 miles north of Memphis, I'm way out of the loop on this one.

Just wanted to say, though, that one of my pleasures in life is listening to the Grand Ole Opry on WSM if I'm out driving around on a Sat. night.

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