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Triad Regional Transit


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Things are not looking good. When you look at all the routes away from W-S/GSO/HP, they're down to mostly one trip each way per day and in some cases, two trips each way per day. Most other transit agencies won't even open a route if they can't run hourly service in two directions for 3 hours.

Another troubling indicator is that they have a staff of 18 and 3 job openings on the front page.


Part of the problem is that as a region, the Triad just doesn't support public transportation as an investment priority, and this is what you get. The other portion of it looks like some whistling past the graveyard on the part of leadership. Why they are running 4 shuttles in a low-density office park while cutting service to CBDs in Winston-Salem and Greensboro makes no sense.

Keep the airport shuttle if you must, and use the hours from the remaining shuttles to keep regional services intact. Also, if you keep cutting service, maybe it's not the time to market the product, so hold off on hiring the marketing person.

Of course, this is management 101 stuff, so if they're missing it, I think PART's days may be numbered, sadly.

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kdub1 - wow, good catch in the Rhino. In related news, the PART website indicates the offices are moving from what looks like Class A/B office space to a significantly shabbier property on Arrow Rd, and there is a RFP asking for a response by Oct 29 to run the entire fixed route system, including the shuttles near PTI and the medical connector route to Duke/UNC hospitals.

The office relocation suggests they are trying anything to save a buck on the back office side, and the stubborn clinging to the non-PTI shuttle and the Duke/UNC service suggests they're still not thinking about service planning carefully.

Will be interesting to see if they're still here in 2013. I hope they are, and I hope this crisis yields some needed changes.

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New operator for PART selected

PART approves new bus provider

Posted: Thursday, November 8, 2012 1:45 pm {sodEmoji.|} Updated: 2:46 pm, Thu Nov 8, 2012.

Michael Hewlett/Winston-Salem Journal

The Piedmont Authority for Regional Transportation took a step Wednesday toward getting a new provider for its regional bus service after the previous operator went into bankruptcy.

PART’s board of trustees approved a resolution to award a $2.4 million contract to National Express Transit, one of three companies that submitted bids last month.


PART Express provides bus service to Greensboro, Winston-Salem and High Point. The agency had to scramble earlier this year when Coach America, which had run the bus service, went into bankruptcy. It reached an agreement with Horizon Coach Lines to provide bus service temporarily while the agency sent out bids for a more long-term solution.

PART has 42 vehicles in its fleet.

Five companies expressed interest in providing the bus service, and three of those companies, including Horizon, submitted bids, said Scott Rhine, PART’s program manager.

Horizon submitted a bid for $2.9 million, and another company, Applebus of Cleveland, Mo., made a bid for $2.8 million.

Rhine said the staff also looked at providing bus service in-house. That could provide a cost savings of up to $300,000 a year, but the risks are high, he said.

Mark Foster, vice president of operations for National Express, said the company has agreed to keep currently employed PART drivers, dispatchers and maintenance personnel.

The company also wants to lease storage space in Winston-Salem and Greensboro to help cut down on fuel expenses and the number of miles buses have to travel to get to their routes, which are known as “deadhead” miles, Foster said.

Rhine said the next step is to have a contract signed and in place by Dec. 1.

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A Winston streetcar is getting another look. The proposal will connect the Innovation Quarter (and WSSU) to WFU (not the medical school) and about half of the route will use existing dedicated ROW and also pass through the fairgrounds.  The study will be partially funded by WFU and the IQ. Combining some streetcar (hopefully with a med school / West End extension) with some inter-city rail to Gboro, RTP (and possibly Charlotte via Lexington) would be a serious game changer for knowledge industry development in WS and benefit the entire state. 


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Thanks for this update.  It’s not surprising to see Winston-Salem get this federal money for such a project.  After all, federal money paid for over half the $1B + initial Lynx Line along South blvd in Charlotte.  

However, the description of this north-south line from Wake Forest Reynolda campus/coliseum area to Smith Reynolds Airport then south along Liberty Street to downtown is totally different from the proposed line from the Thruway/Medical Center thru West End to downtown then to  WSSU, is it not?

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Winston-Salem pushing to bring passenger rail to the city. The city wants to be included on an Amtrak leg that would extend to Asheville.


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