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Retail Topics are no longer pinned to the top.


37 members have voted

  1. 1. Should all the retail topics be pinned or unpinned?

    • Keep them unpinned since the popular ones will be at the top anyway from activity.
    • Restore them to how they had been for a year, I liked them.
    • Just pin back the more popular ones.

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dubone    622

Originally, the Charlotte Coffee House forum was about all the retail happenings in the city, but as this forum has grown, so have the plethora of other topics.

Since most of the 9 topics pinned to the top got less usage than the others, I thought we would try to reduce the number of pinned topics. The popular topics, or the ones with current events will pop to the top through activity, so I thought it might be more useful to people to have them unpinned.

This is not a rigid change, so if the voting after a few weeks is to put them back that is no big deal. Just trying to keep it fresh.

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Bled_man    0

I say to keep them unpinned. I like the fact that I don't have to scroll down just to get past the pinned topics. Also, it seems that they are not discussed as much as the other topics that pop up on a day to day basis.

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AuLukey    360

Yea, I was never really sure why malls had their own pinned threads while threads about areas of charlotte remained unpinned and would come up. I think the only one of the mall threads that was used regularly was the SouthPark one which often times was more about the area than the mall. I think having subforums (like the coffeehouse) about certain areas of Charlotte would be a little more organized. Having one for SouthPark, Southend, Uptown, University, Burbs, etc. I dunno though, I'm kinda on the fence about that one, just a thought.

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Justadude    1

I also prefer the mall topics unpinned, since they don't typically receive a lot of updates.

There are a few topics, though, which I wouldn't mind having pinned at the top. Maybe the Off-Topic thread, or the Urban Life one. Those are the kinds of conversations that could go on indefinitely.

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