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Hapeville's Ford Plant to be Redeveloped


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I feel that this project will be an economic boost for the Southside, as several thousand workers lost their jobs, and support companies to the Assembly Plant lost their business with Ford Motor Company after the plant closed.

It sounds good that there will be a hotel component and an office component. The hotel will serve many people from the airport flying into Atlanta for business, and the office component will serve the hundreds of aviation and logistics companies that have ties to the airport.

The only disappointment is that there won't be a major condo/housing component due to the airport's strict noise abatement regulation. There are thousands of people employeed at the airport and the housing would have been nice to live at and be close to your job. But I understand the problem in not being able to soundproof the housing development, and I wouldn't want to live in a place where all you hear is jets landing and taking off 24/7.

Other than that, I see this as a positive start in revidalising the Southside, and as stated in the article, the revitalization also of the Lakewood GM plant and the Lakewood Fairgrounds.

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