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Los Angeles subway and Light Rail to no longer use the honor fare system

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It has been repoted that unlike New York, Chicago and Boston the transit system in Los Angeles currently has no turnstiles, gates or barriers where tickets are collected or checked and uses the honor system.

After 14 years the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority board voted last week to take the first step toward installing 275 ticket gates on the subway and light rail lines.

Cost for new fare gates will be around $30 million

Cost per year to keep them up and running $1 million

Profit from the new gates will be an extra $6.77 million

Do you think this will be a good thing for Los Angeles

Here are some photos of the system

Red Line heavy rail

The Metro Red Line, Los Angeles' first heavy rail subway, takes passengers under Downtown Los Angeles, from Union Station to the Civic Center, the jewelry, retail and financial districts, MacArthur Park in the Westlake district.

The line branches in two directions - one towards the Mid-Wilshire/Koreatown area at Wilshire and Western and to Hollywood and the San Fernando Valley, with stops at Universal City and North Hollywood.

Length: 17.4 miles

Groundbreaking: September, 1986

Opening: January 30, 1993 (Wilshire extension opened July 13, 1996; Hollywood extension opened June 12, 1999; North Hollywood extension opened June 24, 2000)


Gold Line light rail

The Metro Gold Line Construction Authority was formed in 1999 to design, build and construct a 37-mile light rail line between downtown Los Angeles to Claremont. The eastern terminus was extended one mile to Montclair at the request of the San Bernardino Associated Governments (SANBAG). A future link to the Ontario Airport.

The Foothill Extension of the Metro Gold Line will continue from its current terminus in East Pasadena through the cities of Arcadia, Monrovia, Duarte, Irwindale, Azusa, Glendora, San Dimas, La Verne, Pomona, Claremont and Montclair. A trip from Montclair to downtown Pasadena would take a little over 40 minutes and further to Los Angeles would take approximately 75 minutes.

Length: 22 miles(21.5 miles surface/elevated, 0.5 subway)

Groundbreaking: October, 1987

Opening: 2003



Blue Line light rail

The Metro Blue Line, was the first light rail transit system in Los Angeles, runs from 7th Street in Downtown L.A., through the communities of Vernon, Huntington Park, South Gate, Watts, Compton, Carson, finally ending in downtown Long Beach.

Length: 22 miles(21.5 miles surface/elevated, 0.5 subway)

Groundbreaking: October, 1987

Opening: July 14, 1990


Green Line light rail

The Metro Green Line is a light rail line, running east-west through Los Angeles County, serving the communities of Norwalk, Downey, Lynwood, Watts, Inglewood, Lennox, El Segundo, Manhattan Beach and Redondo Beach.

Length: 20 miles

Groundbreaking: 1987

Opening: August 12, 1995

Purple Line heavy rail

The Purple Line (named 2006; first leg to Westlake/MacArthur Park opened in 1993; to Koreatown in 1996) is a subway line running between Union Station in Downtown Los Angeles and Wilshire/Western station in the Koreatown neighborhood of Los Angeles Mid-Wilshire district. It was considered a branch of the Red Line prior to 2006.

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