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How about USA football?


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Today, USA Trustees agreed to move forward with a Div I football program. They will start the program with the first game in 2009 and move to Div I by 2013. I think this is a great move to change the culture of USA. No longer will it be a commuter school, or a med school, or any of the other stereotypes it has had in the past. I think football and USA are a pretty good combo. Since they ahve their finances in a row, I do not see anything but positive publicity coming from this. Lots of these Sunbelt schools are getting into bowl games and playing on ESPN on random nights of the week, which provides them with exposure. The deal also means a band, which is another positive program that USA lacked before. I think it is a positive all around. May also lead to some upgrades at Ladd and the surrounding neighborhood in the long run...


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It'll also make the city a more appealing place to live. When you think of Mobile, you don't really instantly come up with sports. They've always had an OK basketball team of course, but, excuse the pun, football is a whole different ball game. This also means more economic activity for the city.

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