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Grand Rapids Wine and Food Festival


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The Business Journal has an article today talking about the CAA forming a venture with Showspan to put on the area's first "Wine and Food" show at Devos Place next November. Members of the CAA traveled to Ottawa, ON to see their renowned Wine and Food Show and hope to model it's 3 days show here after that one.


Showspan Vice President Henri Boucher said the festival will be a smaller event than most of the shows the company produces, but would include samples of food prepared by local gourmet chefs and items like wine cabinets and cooking accessories that consumers will be able to purchase.

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This should be an awesome event.

I know they do a similar thing for Bars/Restaurants. I went last year and you get to sample all kinds of tasty drinks (and some not so tasty) among other things. That one isn't public though, just for "service industry" folks. Good times :alc:

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Anyone else looking forward to this?


I hope it gets a HUGE turnout. :thumbsup:


) Over 100 wineries, brewmasters and makers of fine spirits from around the world

) Chefs from the area’s top restaurants will prepare and serve samples of their culinary specialties.

) Selected restaurants will also be partnered with distinguished wineries for special Pairings – gourmet multi-course meals served on-site in a casual “bar top” setting.

) Esteemed individuals from the culinary world – including Joe Borrello of Tasters Guild International and Angus Campbell & Robert Garlough of the Secchia Institute of Culinary Arts – will host seminars, demonstrations and workshops.

) Gourmet specialty items and high-end accessories will also be available.

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Also, you will be able to buy food and beverage tickets for $.50 each, but it doesn't really say what to expect the "tastes" to cost. I imagine that's because it will vary quite a bit. A taste from a $12 bottle of wine would obviously be less than from a $75 bottle.

It does say to expect to spend $35-50/person if you want to try a lot of different items. I don't know that I'd want to spend much more than $35, but I wonder how much you'll be able to try for $20 in tickets? We'll see I guess. I hope they make it reasonable.

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