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Amway Center

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Outdated!  Need new!

About time we got a replacement eh?

My years of emails and phone calls and use the of the suggestion box by the security office have finally come to fruition! The lights around the wrapped exterior roof are fixed! Yay! (But they didn't

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Well one thing is for certain, Disney has taken a renewed interest in all things Orlando. Could it be the recession?

It has been an evolution. When the Disney folks first came out from California, they wanted nothing to do with us - they were creating an entirely new, um, World. It has changed over the decades, bit by bit, especially as Dick Nunis had come to spend more time in central Florida than he did in southern Cali (and after retiring came to head the UCF Board of Trustees - interestingly, that's when UCF began to separate themselves from the city, but that's another topic for another day.) Al Weiss is from central Florida, but he was never really part of the downtown crowd; Disney is his life for the most part, with his church and other activities (like Little League) in Kissimmee.

The difference and the culmination is current WDW prez Meg Crofton. She's long been more active in town than most others and it shows. Also a shout out to Judson Green and his wife. Thankfully, Disney is acting more and more like a corporate HQ these days as it relates to Orlando than, in contrast, Lockheed Martin ever has. This is a very good thing.

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wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wander how did they make the new desings for the Dinsey Atrium theme so fast ?

The windows looks nice with the Orlando Magic wallpaper, but I thought you could watch the players pratice.

It's not the practice court which runs along Division Street. This corner (Division/Church) is slated to be a restaurant or retail I believe.

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Snapped this tonight. Interestingly, when I was driving into downtown from work this evening, I could swear the parameter lights along the upper edge were a shade of green. When I finally parked, they were white again. I don't see that on the webcam history ... I don't know. Maybe I imagined it. :P


Great picture! I'm going to be featuring this picture and your blog on my coverage of the Amway Center grand opening tomorrow night. Thanks again for giving me a shout out to my site: http://www.OrlandoLocalGuide.com

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I think that Orlando is on it's way to becoming the next great American city.....slowly but surely. I hope that DPAC opens up as expected because when you think about the intended traffic that is to come with SunRail, it's hard to not imagine developers not taking advantage of the times!

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