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Baton Rouge International Airport


BTR International Airport  

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  1. 1. When do you see BTR starting to offer international flights?

    • In 10 years
    • In 20 years
    • In 30 years
    • In 40 years
    • When it partners with New Orleans
    • In the nonforseable future
  2. 2. What do you think BTR will offer as its first international flight?

    • Mexico
    • Central America
    • The Carribean
    • Canada
    • Other (Post your idea)
  3. 3. Do you think the airport would be renamed?

    • Yes (Post your idea)
    • No

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I don't see international flights coming in or out of BTR anytime soon. I don't think we could sustain international flights on a regular basis. Maybe we could do something to the Carribean twice a week. If it is marketed correctly, that may work.

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I do not see BR getting an International Airport antime soon; being only 75-80 miles from NOLA's Int' Airport is a big reason. A DFW type airport would be nice between NOLA & BR connected by light-rail transit, but don't see that coming in the near future either.

I notice around the country more and more cities with International Airports popping-up; when they don't seem like legit International Airports.

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I wouldn't hold my breath. Disney wouldn't move an amusement park here.

They might open a studio, though.

Even so, Baton Rouge will never be a hub. At best, it will be a super regional airport like Cincy or NOLA or Orlando....which is probably a better alternative to being a small hub as far as ticket prices are concerned.

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