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NE Corner of Washington and Division.

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Ok guys, I thought I'd be able to come here and get the info on this site but no one has written anything! Sorry if I am missing it, feel free to call me out and link to the thread if I am.

There is a lot of activity across from McKinley Town Centre at the NE corner of Division and Washington these days. They've dug out about 2 stories and started putting in retaining walls and steel beams. The cranes have started to arrive. Anyone want to clue me in?

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Drove past that site today and enjoyed the wonderful sounds of construction

This is part of the McKinley (it's hard to find since we bundled discussion of these projects together with Google and the McKinley Center renovation and additions)

What is being built:

4 Eleven Lofts will be upscale student housing


This project received a lot of public attention with the ceremonious relocation of a historic home to a residential area on the North side of town. It was pretty cool to watch.

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