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I was recently travelling through certain parts of Europe and came through Nice, France and saw a couple of incredible sites. First, I have ridden Trams and Subways from Beijing to Budapest, Hong Kong to Krakow, Moscow to Bangkok and the new Tram in Nice was the nicest Tram or mass transit car I have ever ridden in all my travels. It has not been running for even a month so it has to be the latest technology. It runs on electricity and has the electric lift bars that touches the electric line overhead but it must have a battery that allows it to run in places without electric overhead like in Plaza's and places in Historical areas that electric wires may not look good. (You can see this in the video). The ride is very smooth and the pay system is top notch with easy to work machines. This would be sweet running through Raleigh down Gleenwood or working its way down Wake Forest Road from downtown Raleigh. :rolleyes:

I rode the Tram and inside the car is very spacious and sleek and it covers a fairly large area in Nice that includes the bus station, train station, museums, the Port and Plaza Messena (center of town) where the attached video is filmed. (Yes, this part of France has an Italian Plaza since it used to be part of Italy)

Second, why do I mention Jaume Plenza ? If you watch the attached video, you will see these things on top of poles during the video. These things or what I like to call "DUDES" are the same "DUDES" that Plenza gave the NC Museum of Art with Jim Goodman's money. Go to the 4:40 part of the video if you want to skip ahead for the lighting of the "DUDES". This Plenza exhibition is only temporary and will changed back to normal light posts I believe when the exhibition is over.Maybe they will come to the NCMA after their visit to Nice.

This was filmed by someone in Nice as I found it on youtube, but it was from the opening ceremonies for the first day of the Tram and at night, they lit up Plenza's guys.

Afterpost: I thought I could link a youtube video but I guess I can not. So go to youtube and search for: Inauguration Tram et Illuminations

Or if it can be done, let me know

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