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Presidential Odds

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Found this in today's New York Daily News. Odds for someone to become the next president:

Hillary Clinton: 5-2

Rudy Guiliani: 7-2

Barack Obama: 5-1

Mitt Romney: 8-1

Mike Huckabee: 10-1

John Edwards: 15-1

John McCain: 20-1

25-1 = Fred Thompson, Al Gore, Ron Paul

50-1 = Bill Richardson

75-1 = Joe Biden, Chris Dodd

100-1 = Dennis Kucinich, Duncan Hunter, Mike Gravel

Surprised the back five guys were given even those odds, it seems higher than that. Especially Dodd, he's as much of a nobody as Gravel or Hunter.

Surprised they put in Al Gore, and since they put him in no Mike Bloomberg.

Anyone else... thoughts?

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I would give Huckabee and Romney better odds than Giuliani whose numbers are diving in most states and nationally. He has to do something to reverse that trend to be able to compete well in the big states like Florida, California, and New York which is where he plans to score well instead of the early states like most other candidates are betting on. McCain is lurking around too - might be a dark horse return for the maverick Senator if things get bloody among the front-runners.

On the Dem side I would say the odds look about right - although Edwards could be a sleeper if the cards fell right. Clinton and Obama though are in the race to February 5th and beyond no matter how the cards pan out most likely. Everybody else....pretty much non-relevant - although Richardson seems to be running for the VP spot.

Senator Dodd is a pretty powerful and influential fellow in the Senate and could be Majority Leader one day, now in terms of national ability to run for office one's power in the Senate is not very relevent and can put one in the ranks of Kucinich, Tancredo (who is now out), and Gravel. Senator Biden who also is a powerful member of the Senate now a days is in the same boat. I have no idea why either ran.....aside from maybe hoping to be VP...which is unlikely looking at the front-runners.

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I too am thinking that Biden and Richardson are competing for the VP slot, I once thought that of Obama since he went quite a ways without criticizing anything, but he has indeed ramped up the rhetoric and he's in it to win it. I always thought Huckabee was in for a VP slot too, but he's picked up steam and it appears he's starting to become a force....

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