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Lynx Trivia

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I got ahold of some light rail trivia from my friend who works at CATS. There are about 30 questions, most of which I have no idea what the answers are. I did, however see three questions that are kind of interesting, lets see if anyone gets them. Good luck!!

1. If a train left 7th Street Station on track 2 heading south at 25mph and a train left 485 station heading north at 25mph, both at the same time, and neither train stopped to dwell at any station, at what station would the two be most likely to pass each other?

A. Woodlawn

B. Scaleybark

C. Tyvola

D. New Bern

2. Name two crossings that CATS shares with Norfolk Southern Railroad? (At-Grade)

3. There are three lights on a crossing gate. One is located near the mast, one in the middle of the gate, and the other near the tip of the gate. Which light does not flash?

A. All Flash

B. The one near the tip

C. The one in the middle

D. The one near the mast

I'll be looking over the posts over the next few days and give you all the answers later this week. Happy Holidays!!

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