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Galloway Village

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If you guys never heard of Galloway Village, it's located in Southwest Springfield... On Lone Pine Ave. Most popular park in Springfield is Sequiota Park and Galloway Creek Greenway, really great place... seriously.

Since 1990's Galloway Village were booming in businesses, apparently it stopped for about six to eight years... Then now, they are booming again, Ash Grove Lime Complex (You can see old white industry building on by Lone Pine Ave) will soon to be demolished in early 2008. New veterinary hospital. Condominium Complex Five Acres. Remodeling Old Stores and Old Houses.

"It's growing," Jim Taylor (New Condominium Complex Owner) said. "It's definitely growing."


$H!t! It's supposed to be Southeast not Southwest... :P Chilly Brain? Slyder1, care to change it? Thanks!

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Village Green Apartments Complex

Will be located at 2751 E. Galloway St, ten building for 78 apartments. Apartments will be designed extremely upscale, matches to Galloway Village's architectural (1900ish "wooden"), and to accommodate greener building standards!

Springfield's toward to becoming greener!

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