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Visiting Charleston and the Islands


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The Isle of Palms would probably be your best bet. It is a little more tourist oriented. Also, just across the intracoastal is Mount Pleasant Town Center and a several hotels. From that area, you are only a few minutes (traffic notwithstanding) from downtown, near Boone Hall Planation and a trip around I-526 from Middleton Place, Magnolia Gardens, etc. Just my 2 cents.

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Yes I mean beaches/islands. This would be happening in early May.

They can afford the best- but they do have a 2.5 year old beautiful (might I add) little girl. The hotel should be a little more family oriented.

When you say she should stay downtown, do you mean Charleston? doh And is there a particular hotel/motel that is best for kids?

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There just arent a lot of hotels that are actually ON the beach. There are a lot more downtown. But if your goal is to spend more time on the beaches, then you may not want to look downtown. Your best bet is probably a rental house as Native_Son suggested.

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