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Cullion Concrete Plant

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"Cullion Concrete has been building a concrete plant in the Eden Park neighborhood in Cranston which has chronic flooding. The neighbors are upset about the plant and have formed a group to try and stop it.

Cranston Mayor Michael Napolitano is expected to announce a plan today to buy out the Cullion Concrete batching plant that is being built off Pontiac Avenue. "

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Update this morning on Channel 10. The mayor of Cranston said that the permits would be returned to the city and the plant would be demolished.

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The weird thing is that originally the city had designated that land along the Pawtuxet River for use as open space - with hiking trails, canoe launch, etc - but somewhere along the way the plan got shelved.

It looks like the land will finally return to its proper use. Much of it is in the flood plain anyway - I can't see how the Concrete Plant got the proper DEM permits to begin with, even after the explanations from the article below:

Journal Story on the Flooding

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