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Go Back to Ohio


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I am not actually from around here (I live in Raleigh, NC) but I know someone who does and they told me about this blog/ website called "Go Back to Ohio". I went to it and it is hilarious, much of it true in Raleigh as well.

Go Back to Ohio Website

It's about the influx of Ohioans and how they are taking over.

Check it out, it's funny.

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Yes, we are all moving down here to the south. Can you blame us though? Ohio's economy has to be one of the worst in the country, and you don't see the sun from early November until late April. It's depressing to live up there, especially in the snow belt east of Cleveland where I grew up. The site is quite funny though. I've been told by some of my neighbors and other natives I've met down here though that even though some of us Ohioans are bad, we're not as bad as the true Yankees from NY or New England that are just as prevalent.

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The problem with yankees in general is not that they are here. Everyone here welcomes anyone who wants to move down and bring money with them. I know several people from Buffalo NY, Chicago, various towns in New Jersey, and other 'yankee' cities that are wonderful people, and I would sincerely hope that they never move back.

The problems arise when those people who move down here do nothing but be obnoxious about the Big 11, and complain about how things aren't the same as they were back home, and how great the chili is. Its these people who are irritating who qualify for that site.

Thats me take on it anyway.

ohioaninSC, you seem pretty reasonable, so I would wager you don't fall into that category.

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