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Happy New Year!


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Here's mine.

1. Perez goes to jail.

2. Old YMCA torn down as condo project begins.

3. Butt ugly building torn down.

4. Parking lot on Grove Street approved by city.

5 Colt project solves money woes

6 High quality West End low rise apartment building proposed

7. Colt park garden and conservatory gets underway

8. Trinity College builds private boat house next to existing one.

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I'll add some to the list.

1. Front Street Construction starts

2. Science Center opens

3. Grocery Store opens in H21

4. Commuter Rail gets some good news and starts to become a reality

5. the Atheneum works out its financing troubles

6. Crime drops noticably

7. Schools improve noticably

8. Tiger Woods comes to the Traveler's Championship

9. MassMutual Building saved

10. more retail or restaurants sign onto H21

11. 410 Asylum moves ahead as planned

12. something is proposed for the huge swath of parking on Capitol Ave.

13. 95 - 101 Pearl St. moves ahead as planned

14. the city doesn't lose any major employers and actually makes gains in lowering office vacancy

15. a few pleasant surprises (hoping for one at 111 Pearl St.)

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In order of Importance to me.

1. YMCA project begins with that pretty rendering we have all seen at 43 stories. ~300 CONDOS

2. Front street construction progresses nicely with strong early sales prompting announcement of a beefed up phase II(including residential towers) near the end of 2008

3. City changes Taxation structure to encourage development on flat parking lots downtown.

4. WFSB and Clarion Hotel location, developer announce mixed use condo/hotel project.

5. Colt Factory works out financing and makes progress.

6. City finds buyer/developer for "Downtown North" land, leading to the demolition of Butt Ugly and the construction of a large scale mixed use district North of downtown.

7. Konover puts a firm proposal in for Capitol Ave parking lots. including parking garages and townhomes creating a upscale neighborhood downtown.

8. Capewell regains solvency(or a different developer) and pushes forward allowing both Capewell hotels push forward.

9. No more major employers leave downtown. The city gains at least one major employer from outside of Greater Hartford.

10. Travelers moves its HQ back to "The Insurance City"


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