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Sara Jane Moore is released from prison!


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Hard to imagine, Sara Jane Moore, a revolutionary-minded assassin who attempted to kill President Ford in 1975, was released today (Dec. 31, 2007) She is now 77.

Still no conclusive info about why she was released~

a side note: the other deranged potential assassin of President Ford, Squeaky Fromme (now age 59) is still incarcerated.

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How much damage can you expect a 77 year old woman to do?

Would 30 years be enough to satisfy society? Considering the guy who shot Reagan is mentally unstable and gets out on unsupervised visits once in a while, this doesn't seem so horrible in comparison.

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Another sidenote of the story involves a young American Marine, Oliver Sipple.

While in the crowd greeting Ford that day in California, Sipple noticed a nearby middle-aged lady pointing a gun at the president. She got off a shot, but Sipple jumped into action on his own accord, and grabbed Sara Jane Moore's arm---thereby saving Ford's life. He also drove his hand into the weapon's mechanism, thus preventing Moore from firing anymore rounds.

Later on, it became known that Oliver Sipple was gay. When the info became public, his religious fanatic mother found out, causing irreperrable damage to the mother-son relationship. Sadly, Sipple went into depression, then drugs, then finally suicide.

At first, the outing of Sipple seemed positive. After all in 1975, it would be good for the American people to know that all queers aren't weak pansies that hang around bathrooms.......Unfortunately Sipple's pious mother's fanaticism ruined the effort, and Sipple was destroyed by the experience.

Sipple was never invited to the White House. President Ford never called him to thank him for saving his life. After this become known publically, the White House sent Sipple a short thank you card through the mail.

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