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Greyhound returns to Spartanburg

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It might sound crazy but the sity of Spartanburg has been without Grehound's Bus Service since last year. Its good that they decided to move it back though... Plus its new location is downtown on Dunbar St, which is a very well groomed street. People who go there can now see the beauty of Downtown. Its old location before was on Daniel Morgan Ave. in an area that at present is not very pleasing to the eye.


Greyhound brings bus service back to downtown Spartanburg

By Teresa Killian | Staff Writer Herald-Journal

Alfonso Castillo waited with a few black bags Tuesday bound for Atlanta from Greyhound Line's new terminal in downtown Spartanburg.

"It's better here -- a good location," said Castillo of Greyhound Line's move to the SPARTA Passenger Center on N. Liberty Street.

The city-to-city bus line had moved in July from a downtown Spartanburg terminal on Daniel Morgan Avenue to the Pilot Travel Center in Duncan about 12 miles away.

The company cited the relocation as one of dozens of bus terminal relocations to Pilot Travel Centers.

City riders said they faced increased expense and inconvenience getting to the Duncan terminal.

Spartanburg city officials negotiated to bring Greyhound back to the downtown area through leasing the bus line space in the same passenger center that serves city bus riders.

This article was copied and edited from the SHJ website:


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