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Anybody else have rodents problem?


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It seems like Orlando is really a big rat town.

I have rat get into my attic and I have someone cover up all the attic entrance from outside, now the rats cant get into my attic but they are still roaming around. I saw them once awhile and kill a few with rat poisons. Even though there are two cats running around in my neighbourhood, the rodents are still there.

My house is in metrowest and back up to main road. So I have no clue where they come from...

Anybody else have the same problems?

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Every city has rats. Orlando doesn't seem too bad. I've heard stories of the I-drive area being the worst. All the open dumpsters behind the restaurants provide food and the retention ponds supply a water source and nesting areas. The storm water drains all over town are an underground highway for rats. They also use power lines to get into peoples attics.

If you want to see a rat problem go to Washington DC or New Orleans. I've seen HUGE rats running around on sidewalks in the middle of the day in both cities.

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I went up to New York for Halloween and it was garbage day the next morning... dammit, there were rats everywhere and they didn't scare easy. They traveled in packs, too.

I see rats around Lake Eola all the time when I go running. Also, I live downtown and my cat kills rats often. Not all cats kills rats by the way. I trained my cat to chase after things when he was a kitten. If you just train Fluffy to sit on your lap and get fed, they aren't going to get up off their fat butts and chase a rodent.

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i live in Colonialtown and spent over $1000 last year to try and get rid of the rats in my attic. I've plugged up holes in the soffitt, around the roof, in the crawlspace.... EVERYWHERE!!! It's the worst. I'm an animal lover, all animals, but I hate these damn things. I think I've gotten rid of them finally, but every once in a while I still hear a noise from a wall like they are trying to get back in or they found a hiding spot. It's a never ending battle.

We have a ton of stray cats, too. The cats are fine, but I'm afraid to put poison or traps in my crawlspace because of the cats... and raccoons and possum. I don't want to inadvertantly kill one of those. The possum and raccoons don't ever bother us... well, except for my dog catching a possum and killing it, but that's another story.

We have cats, raccoons, possum, snakes, lizards, rats, owls and everything else around our property. It's like a zoo.

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