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South U Village Proposal


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Two towers, 21 floors, and 26 Floors, that's almost twice the height of U Towers. Hmmm, we'll see how this one goes. I agree that this will change the face of South U. I'll be honest to say I prefer several 8-12 story towers over two very tall ones. This is a residential and commercial district with buildings rising at about 2 floors... the only exception is U-Towers which is 17. It's exciting to get a highrise, but sometimes you wish they would be located in areas where the form was appropriate (such as over by 27 story plaza tower).

Interesting quote

"Ten years from now, a good majority of the properties up here will be renovated, torn down or rebuilt," said Dennis Tice, co-owner of Pizza House and president of the South University Association.
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Yeah, I'm not worried about a glut in the student housing market. As long as U of M continues to admit more students, there will always be an increasing demand. This should also help relieve demands for housing the university provides. These are dormitory-like units, a type of housing the private sector has failed to provide until now.

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Here is Tuesday's Daily Article about this development.

VC plans to continue business, but isn't sure if they will move back into this location. A neighboring liquor store and laundromat will return to the same location on the ground floor and expand their business.

The attitude here is these businesses are willing to move, clearing the way for this project.

All I can say is VC MUST return. They are a necessity to this area. Hopefully they can work something out with the developers


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