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Farmers' Market Photo Thread - Memphis

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I am sure plenty of folks from our forum have already been to and discovered what a great success the downtown Farmer's Market has became over its introduction this summer. For those who weren't able to visit it this year or who don't live in Memphis I thought a photo thread showing off how great and successful the market is might interest you.


The nifty and simple sign marking one's arrival at the downtwon Farmer's Market. The market is located in the South Main area of downtown next to Central Station .


The Saturday morining I was there the market was packed and parking was hard to find. So go early!!!


A good pic of the awning under which most of the trading booths are set up, however some booths and retail activity goes on around the periphery of the lot out of trucks and temporary stands.


Inside in lively and crowded. Thats a good thing though!!!


There is even great live entertainment! For free and in the shade! Beat that on a hot Saturday afternoon!!!!

- Donations are accepted and encouraged though I'm sure. :P-


So if you didn't make it to the Farmer's Market last year be sure to check it out this year if you are able! Its worth the visit! Plus you can wander around South Main and other parts of the city afterwards checking out all the cool activity and developments going on!!!


Hope this encourages folks in Memphis and surrounding area to check out the market and downtown. Lots of good things going on. By visiting and doing business downtown you are helping support and encourage the redevelopment downtown Memphis into the sort lively, active, and safe urban core we all want it to be.

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Thanks for the pics!

I think it'd be nice having the market open 7 days a week.

When you talked about the shade and summer sun, it reminded me of my last trip down there in June, 2005. I tromped up and down the South Main/South End area taking pics. Since I'd lived for years in yankeeland summers I'd gotten soft, and was really knocked out and had to make frequent stops at Ernestines and Hazels.

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