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Ala Wai Stadium?

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there has been discussion at a UH Sports forum about the possibilities that could occur (politics and budget aside) if Aloha Stadium were to be moved to the existing site of the Ala Wai Golf Course. Considering its location to the UH Campus and Waikiki, and connection to rail. I also added the convention center for perspective and ideas.

Now I know there are many issues that open up a large can of worms with an idea like this i.e. views to diamond head, traffic, drastically changing a neighborhood, cost.


But just looking at the size of the property, it would serve more people, have people rely less on cars, provide a new identity for Ala Wai Canal, move the athletic facilities there and give space for UH to expand, or use the parking there as a park and ride for Waikiki and UH.....

Of course, the existing traffic issues with the area and the design of the stadium would be changed, I also think that parking structures with plazas above would reduce the visual blight of parking like the existing Aloha Stadium and could create opportunities for shops and restaurants to border the edge of the stadium like PacBell.

Dream a bit.

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Wow, now that's a great idea! I'd love to see the stadium relocated to this area. The current location sucks and heck i'd rather see the stadium and more affordable housing in this spot than a damn golf course! I mean c'mon! ;)

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