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Sean Reynolds

Prepare to get BLOWN away. Absolut Salt Lake City!

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You know Absolut Vodka?

Well meet


Today I went and snapped some never before seen areas of Salt Lake City. I'm not trying to out do Don's AWESOME photo tour of Salt Lake City, just merely trying to capalize off of it. ;)

Most of these photos were taken in Salt Lake's Capitol Hill neighborhood. :)

Also, please let the photos load.

So, without further ado.....SALT LAKE CITY.

Don't you love livin' in the city?


I believe this is a Bed and Breakfast now.


LDS Church Office Building through the leaves. Also gotta love the summer green.


Zion Summit East. Its twin is right next to it. Later seen further on in the thread.


Looking down Main Street.


Some apartments tucked between apartments. How cute.


I believe Brigham Young is buried right down this path...creeepy.


I climbed up the back of this apartment building; tried to get on the roof but some guy yelled at me and said he was calling the police. So I quickly snapped this photo of downtown.


And this photo of apartment buildings on the east side of the area.


Then quickly zoomed in toward downtown and left.


This was taken at the end of the park, toward State Street.


Across from State is probably the nicest area in the whole city. City Creek runs right through the area and is an urban oasis.

Here's the apartments you saw above from the start of the park.


Ah.....western urbania.


The always nice LDS Temple through trees.


Part of City Creek, as well as downtown SLC. The ugly Gateway Tower East will totally get a face life, it's gonna kick Salt Lake ass when its done!


More if City Creek with downtown through the trees.


Part of downtown.


Yummy apartments. I get hard just thinkin about 'em!


The following photos were taken in a small neighborhood located in a valley between Capitol Hill and the Avenues hillside. It's just a street that connects to Memory Grove and is probably MY favorite neighborhood in the city. City Creek runs right down the center of the area...offering the residents a very nice natural treat.


City Creek running toward downtown.


HISTORIC homes with the creek running by.


More of the creek, as well as apartments in the background.


As I said, the above area was in a small valley, well I hiked up the east hill and snapped this photo.


On the east side of the hill is the Avenues neighborhood - porbably SLC's most historic area. Here's a typical apartment.


A hill takin us toward the eastern end of downtown.


This street is rather neat. It's got apartments, but the best part of it is the fact downtown towers behind 'em!


Zoomed in. Very nice.


Looking north toward the Zion Summit (west and east).


Apartments from the start of the thread, but a different view.


Finally, the street I was on a few photos back, I about fell off the parking place getting these photos.


There. I really hope ya'all liked the tour. I think this is some of my best photos, but who knows. :D

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EXCELLENT tour! I really enjoyed it. SLC has some beautiful scenery...nice churches too!

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Yummy apartments. I get hard just thinkin about 'em!

Well thanks for that interesting tidbit Sean. <_<


Anyways. SLC has a very suburban feel, with some of the qualities of a bigger city. Very nice. Seems like a good place to raise a family.

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Impressive! SLC is looking very scenic in these photos. And that creek just tops it off.

I have to agree that this is the best SLC tour I've seen.

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