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City's Historic Preservation Plan

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This thread is for discussion of the City of Charleston's Historic Preservation Plan that is curretnly being developed. There is a ton of information avilable online, most importatnly the draft version of the document itself. I haven't had a change to read through it, but what I have looked at so far is generally encouraging. I have pasted the table of contents below, and included links to the main page and the PDF chapters. If you look at the subsections of each chapter, you can clearly see that this plan addresses far more than simply historic preservation. It, in effect, is a comprehensive plan for Charleston, since a large portion of the city is already considered historic.

Please take some time to skim this plan and share your thoughts. There are some really progressive ideas in here including expanding the historic district (which is a lot smaller than many people think) and implementing a more form-based code for building design.


I. Executive Summary

II. Introduction

III. Stewardship Principles

A. New Construction

B. Land Use & Regulation

C. DesignReview

D. Preservation Education

E. Incentives for Preservation

F. Accessibility

IV. [url=http://www.charlestoncity.info/shared/docs/0/pres%20%20plan%20draft-3%20charlestons%20expanding%20horizon.pdf]Charleston

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I'm not sure this is the best thread for this, but here it is.

Great article on Charleston's Commercial Corridor Review Board. The West Ashley Wal-Mart (shown in the pictures) is the nicest that I have seen. Charleston is to be commended for this. As always, they lead the way.

Commercial Corridor Review Board reviews past results

Photos with the article

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