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Twin Buildings


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I'm sure everyone has been to a city where a building looks like an exact replca of another building in your home city. I have a couple I could name of off top my head.

Durham: The CCB tower resembles the RJR Tower in Winston-Salem

Raleigh: The Wachovia capitol center Resembles the Dominion Tower in Norfolk VA

Asheville: The BB&T Tower Resmbles the Wachovia Tower in DT Augusta GA

Baltimore, MD: The Mason Building resembles the MSBC building in Buffalo, NY and both happen to have the same amount of floors (40 stories)

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BoA Charlotte looks like that tall building in Cleveland (not sure of the name).

BellSouth Tower in Nashville looks a lot like a tower in Melbourne (not sure of the name).

That cylinder shaped hotel in Detroit looks like the Westin Peachtree in Atlanta

The Figueroa at Wilshire tower in LA resembles One Wachovia Plaza in Charlotte

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Guest donaltopablo

BoA Charlotte looks like that tall building in Cleveland (not sure of the name).

I think it's called the Key Tower. Someone from Ohio please come correct me, but I thought that's what it was called.

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All 3 of these buildings look similar. That's because all 3 were designed by John Portman & Associates. The only thing is that the one in LA is signifcantly shorter than the other two, yet is similar to the other 2 buildings....I guess it's more like a cousin rather than a twin.

Westin Peachtree Plaza - Atlanta


Marriott Renaissance Center - Detroit


Westin Bonaventure Hotel - Los Angeles


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I can't believe I've never noticed it! Where is it?


I've always thought the BB&T/Denny's Tower in Spartanburg very closely resembles the Orange County Court House building in Orlando.

BB&T/Denny's Tower in Spartanburg, SC:


Orange County Court House in Orlando, FL:


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The Key Tower in Cleveland is designed from the BOA HQ in Charlotte. Both were designed by Ceasar Pelli and built around the same time. The only difference is the crown and the rounded shape of BOA, and the pyramid and rectangular shape of Key Tower.

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