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Perez Inauguration

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Here is the link to Perez's speech: http://www.hartford.gov/government/mayor/I...nSpeech2008.pdf

First the bad stuff. I found it interesting to hear "hundreds of jobs being created;" perhaps he has chosen to ignore net job loss? Also the ethics committee is a good idea if it weren't being proposed by a corrupt mayor; as I see it it's only to combat perception that he is corrupt so I doubt anything will come of it. And the public campaign financing happens after he spends the most money of any mayoral candidate in history? Give me a break.

Good news on the arena front though; I'm glad to hear that he is ignoring that lame feasibility study. Also promises to connect downtown with the North End are nice, but if this doesn't materialize in a few months like he says then there is no reason to believe anything will be done this time around either. Finally, he paid lip service to transit from Bradley to downtown, which is the first thing I've heard on rail transit in a while. Hopefully something comes of it.

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