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Pittsburgh Championships


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1915 U. of Pittsburgh

1916 U. of Pittsburgh

1918 U. of Pittsburgh

1929 U. of Pittsburgh

1931 U. of Pittsburgh

1934 U. of Pittsburgh

1936 U. of Pittsburgh

1937 U. of Pittsburgh

1974 Steelers

1975 Steelers

1976 U. of Pittsburgh

1978 Steelers

1979 Steelers

1980 U. of Pittsburgh


1928 U. of Pittsburgh

1930 U. of Pittsburgh

1955 Duquesne University

1968 ABA Team


1901 Pirates

1902 Pirates

1909 Pirates

1925 Pirates

1930 Greys

1931 Greys

1935 Crawfords

1936 Crawfords

1937 Greys

1938 Greys

1939 Greys

1940 Greys

1941 Greys

1942 Greys

1943 Greys

1944 Greys

1945 Greys

1946 Greys

1947 Greys

1948 Greys

1960 Pirates

1971 Pirates

1979 Pirates


1952 Hornets

1955 Hornets

1967 Hornets

1991 Penguins

1992 Penguins

2003 Forge


1976 Triangles


1923-1926 World Champion Harry Greb (according to ESPN the purest boxer ever)

1939-1940 World Champion Billy Conn

1940-1941 World Champion Fritzie Zivic

1994 World Champion Michael Moorer

2002-Present World Champion Paul Spadafora


Kurt Angel 1996 Gold Medal

Roger Kingdom 1988 Gold Medal

Roger Kingdom 1984 Gold Medal

Mary Lou Retton 1984 Gold Medal

Herb Douglass 1948 Bronze Medal

John Woodruff 1936 Gold Medal


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Actually, Georgia was the official college football national champion in 1980. Pittsburgh was declared national champions by a few outlets, however.


Florida St.: FACT*

Georgia: AP, Berryman, FACT*, FB News, FW, Helms, National Championship Foundation, NFF, Poling, Sporting News, UPI

Nebraska: FACT*, Sagarin

Oklahoma: Billingsley, Dunkel, Matthews

Pittsburgh: DeVold, FACT*, Football Research, NY Times

Pittsburgh also received some accolades in 1981.


Clemson: AP, Berryman, Billingsley, DeVold, FACT, FB News, Football Research, FW, Helms, Litkenhous, Matthews, National Championship Foundation*, NFF, NY Times, Poling, Sagarin, Sporting News, UPI

Nebraska: National Championship Foundation*

Penn St.: Dunkel

Pittsburgh: National Championship Foundation*

Texas: National Championship Foundation*

Southern Methodist: National Championship Foundation*

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