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Metro Nashville Businesses


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It's no secret that metro Nashville has become a hot spot to do buisness. For the last two years in a row it has consistently been named one of the hottest cities in the country to do buisness and has even snagged the top spot a few times. Therefore, for reference, I have compiled a list of buisnesses that are based out of metro Nashville. If I have missed any (and I'm sure I have) then please let me know and I will add them to the list.

Major buisness in the city directly impacts just about everything from how many skyscrapers the city has to how much we pay for everyday items. One of the most immediate steps we can take to becoming "world class" is consistently bringing in major buisnesses. Nissan was a fantastic leap forward. That move alone has already got people speculating whether honda and mazda will follow suit and move to the region. Nashville has already seen a 'trickle" effect from Nissan's move with other buisnesses (with close ties obviously) moving with them to this area too. For example, Nissan's marketing company (can't think of the name right now) moved with them and moved into cummins station. Cummins station is at nearly 100% occupancy now.

People move where the jobs are and as of right now, the jobs are coming here. The list....


Aladdin Industries - Makers of the famous Stanley thermos bottles

Arrangers' Publishing

Asurion Corp.



Big Idea - developers of childrens cartoons. Relocated from Chicago.

Broadcast Music Inc. (BMI)



Backyard Burgers Resturants


Cracker Barrel Old Country Store - headquartered in Lebanon

Captain D's Resturants

CVS/Caremark Rx

Corrections Corporation of America

CMT (Country Music Television)

Credential Recordings

Comminuty Health Systems

CBRL Group

Caterpillar Financial

Curb Records


Dollar General Stores

Delek US Holdings

Deloitte & Touche



EMI/Capitol Records Nashville

EMI Christian Music Group


Firestone Tire & Rubber Company

Flatsigned Press


Gibson USA - world famous gibson guitars

Gaylord Entertainment Company

Genesco Inc.

Great American Country

Griffin Technology



Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) - major supplier of medical equipment throughout the country

Hobby Lobby International


Hartmann Luggage


Iasis Healthcare

Ingram Barge Company


Jerry Jones Guitars



Louisiana Pacific

Lifeway Cristian Rescources

Logan's Roadhouse Resturants



MCA Records

Mars Petcare


Nissan of North America


O'Charlies I

Old Time Pottery


Purity Dairies

Paper Garden Records

PrimeFlight Aviation Services

Provident Music Group



RGK Entertainment Group


Shoney's Resturants - operates more than 291 resturants in 19 states

Standard Candy Co. - makers of the Goo-Goo Cluster

Sun Records - started in memphis/ headquartered in Nashville

SMS Holdings Corporation

Singer Corporation


Stoney River Legendary Steaks Resturants

Sony BMG Nashville


Sherwood & Friends


Thomas Nelson Publishing

Tractor Supply Company

Total Nonstop Action Wrestling



Universal Music Group Nashville


Vanguard Health Systems


VanMol & Lawrence


Walton Construction Company

Warner Brothers Music Nashville

Word Entertainment

Willis Corroon






Zurich Insurance

Again, if I have made any errors then please let me know.

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Great list. Thanks for taking the time for compiling all this information for us!

On a side note: Ingram Barge is a company that I think's size and scope of business goes under the radar, esp. since its privately owned. Barges are a huge deal that most folks never think about in modern society.

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I got to speak up for my clients... Deloitte & Touche. Corporate operations are based in Nashville... Hermitage.

Don't forget about Lifepoint... http://www.lifepointhospitals.com/

Here's a recent "real win" for the Nashville chamber... ZOI... (Courtesy of Richard Lawson): http://www.nashvillepost.com/news/2006/11/...ew_headquarters

And, of course, the crown jewel of Nashville's healthcare industry... Healthways.

I realize that many of these companies are in adjacent cities (i.e. Franklin and Brentwood, but I don't know if you want those companies only in Davidson or all of them in the area).

So these are a few off the top of my head. I'll stop now to let somebody get a comprehensive list.

I'm not trying to be nitpicky, but Vanderbilt is usually "split up" between Vanderbilt University and Vanderbilt University Medical Center... VUMC. Each one alone is a huge employer.

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I echo that this should be a Wiki!

some of the larger music industry companies left out of the list:

Sony BMG Music Nashville

Provident Music Group

Universal Music Group Nashville

EMI/Capitol Records Nashville

EMI Christian Music Group

Curb Records



also, the Warner-owned companies in Nashville also include Word Entertainment (which is separate from Warner Bros. Nashville)

also, i don't think Big Idea is here anymore since they got bought out last year.

then there's the recently-opened Nashville office of


and we could list other ad agencies such as:



Gish, Sherwood & Friends

Dye, VanMol & Lawrence

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Thanks for the input guys!

To answer some things...

Bridgestone merged with firestone tire & rubber so I didnt include them.

Cain Sloan doesnt exist anymore and havn't for a while. As in they havnt existed sence the 50's! Ha! Guess my source was a little outdated!

To quote wikipedia... "Paul Lowe Sloan, Pat Cain and John E. Cain founded Cain-Sloan in Nashville in 1903. "The company merged with Allied Stores Corp. of New York in 1955. In 1987, Allied Stores was bought out by the Toronto-based Campeau Corp." (Source: Knight Stivender, "Elizabeth Sloan Bainum, 87, dies; Services Tuesday." The Tennessean, October 31, 1999.) Cain-Sloan was a target of one of the earliest sit-in protests by young African-Americans in Nashville during the Civil Rights Movement. On December 5, 1959, future Congressman John Lewis led a group of college students who entered the store intending to sit at its lunch counter. They were politely asked to leave, and they did so. (Source: John Lewis, Walking with the Wind, pp. 88-89; ISBN 0156007088.) After the march of 19 April 1960 on Nashville's courthouse and the admission by Mayor Ben West that lunch counters ought to be desegregated, Cain-Sloan and other downtown Nashville stores quietly opened their counters to all races as of 10 May 1960."

Big Idea is in fact still here as well. They make the Veggietales show. Their address is

Building 2A

230 Franklin Rd.

Franklin TN, 37064

I am about to start the wiki page for this but I've never edited a wiki so I might need help. I'll let you know.

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Editing a wiki is fairly easy, with a brief tutorial. UP has a help page that explains a lot of the commands.. here

For instance, you can link a new page from the Nashville Wiki by editing it and adding [[New Page Name]], click Save Page & go back and click the link, a new blank page is created automatically.

You can add sections to your new page like this, == A-F ==, == G-P ==, etc. Table of Contents is automatically created for you after a certain # of sections.

There's a lot of other commands, many of which I don't know, and some of which the UP help pages dont even show... but you can find them by searching online.

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Here ya go... Metro Nashville Businesses List

If you want to add/edit it just click edit, either next to one of the sections or at the top of the page, and follow along what with I did... e.g. add * before new entries

Oh, and I wasn't sure why some of the entries were bolded... but they can be again, just highlight and click the bold button :thumbsup:

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I really appreciate it jice. I bolded the buisness that were nationally known or made a sagnifigant amout of money but after a while I couldnt even keep up with all of them so I stopped bothering.

Again, thanks!

On another note, how do you go about getting a city page on the urban planet main page? I noticed that charlotte has one but chicago does not?

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I really appreciate it jice. I bolded the buisness that were nationally known or made a sagnifigant amout of money but after a while I couldnt even keep up with all of them so I stopped bothering.

Again, thanks!

On another note, how do you go about getting a city page on the urban planet main page? I noticed that charlotte has one but chicago does not?

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