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Music Row Area Condos...The Most For Your Money?


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Don't know if I've ever told you guys, but I'm a songwriter and have rented an office in one of the cool, old buildings on Music Row. After years of throwing that money away, I'd really like to buy something where I can write, do computer work, and sleep there if I work late. I've looked at buying one of the old houses on the Row as an office, but I feel they're WAY overpriced....so I've started looking at the area condos.

The three I'm looking at right now are the Adelicia (studio apts about $250K), 1101 18th Ave (1 BR about 235K) and the Rhythm on Music Row (1BR about $279k).

Do you guys have any advice on how to choose which is best for my situation? (By the way, I'm female, in case that weighs into the equation).

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I noticed a sign on 18th ave close to 807 18th for condos in the 110,000 range. I have been meaning to check this out but didn't remember till now. There are also news condos going in next to Belmont Church on 16th and I have no idea what the price range is on these.

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If you can afford it, I don't think you can go wrong with any of those three.

[Nashville Charrette members are being given an opportunity to tour the Adelicia on Tuesday. if you are a member on that board or would like to join, that might give you a chance to check out Adelicia, if you haven't already done so.]

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