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Dog Park in Uptown


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Looks like Parks and Recreation is having a workshop for the new doggie park in Frazier Park. From the looks of it, I'd say a doggie park is highly needed. Every weekend, and lunchhour, you can see a lot of people walking their dogs uptown. Here's the info: Oaklawn Rec Center: 1920 Stroud Park Ct., Charlotte. 6:30pm. This would be a great amenity for those living in Center City.

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I never met as many people in my life as I did the week after I got a dog and started walking it uptown :) Literally every single time I walked her for the first month or two someone would stop, ask what breed, how old, etc. Kids and seniors unfailingly stop and give a pup some attention.

Regarding location: I used to take mine to Elmwood on occasion and let her off the leash to run around. Elmwood's so spacious and generally not full of people, you can do that without worrying too much. But with more people moving in around the cemetery (Citadin, Garrison, the new thing on Cedar), I think it's good to have a dog park nearby to relieve that usage. It's definitely not in the most convenient location, but I guess beggars can't be choosers... at least Gateway residents will find it convenient.

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