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Average Education Level of G.R. Urban Planet visitors?


Average Education Level of G.R. Urban Planet visitors?   

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  1. 1. Average Education?

    • Professional Degree
    • Doctoral Degree
    • Master's Degree
    • Bachelor's Degree
    • Associate Degree
    • Some College, No degree
    • H.S. Diploma
    • Not a H.S. Graduate

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B.S. in urban planning from back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, several semesters of grad school from the digital age

Could not see the value in paying tuition to be re-lectured on topics learned on the job or duing the first go-round (e.g. how to read a site plan)

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I'm one of those who is currently trying to "figure out" where to go next.

I attended Davenport for a couple of months in 2003 when I realized that I hated it there - I was going for Entrepreneurship.

2005-2006 I attended Colorado Technical University Online for Healthcare Management

Right now I'm deciding between either getting an Arts degree of some kind from the Institute of Art, getting an architecture degree, or continuing the Healthcare field. Or I may say screw it and get a generic business degree and go from there :lol:

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BA - Political Science - University of Washington (1994)

MBA - University of Washington (1999)

Various business certifications earned:

- Oracle DBA (Database Administrator)

- PMP ( Project Management Professional)

- APICS CPIM (Certified in Production and Inventory Management)

Considering another Masters in Accounting & Taxation or a real long shot is a PhD in Accounting & Taxation.

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I will be receiving my Bachelor's of Science degree in Geography (City and Regional Planning emphasis) and a History minor in Apirl from Grand Valley State University.

I've thought about graduate school but I need to be away from school for a while. I'd like to get out into the professional world and actually make money.

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Kendall School of Design, Advertising; Diploma 1977 (that's all you got before accredidation occurred

in 1978; on the plus side, there were no academics with the exception of Art History and Music Appreciation; consequently, we were absorbed in the actual making of art all day, every day)

Jordan College (remember them?) Cosmetology certificate, 1991; Licensed 1991

Kendall College of Art and Design; BFA 2004 (wonderful to be back and get that degree!)

In between - Doctorate of Life

Yeah, I'm that old.

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