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January Snow - 2008


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We had easily 4" before I went to sleep last night and it was still coming down heavy. This morning, a good part of that had been reduced by overnight sleet/rain, but it was still over 3" in depth. The kids are still having fun in it. I'll upload a few photos of my kids and of vwsam's daughter playing on our hillside later on this evening.

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This snow in '08 reminds me of the biggie in '88. Does anyone else remember the hilarious coverage on WYFF?


It was as if 9/11, Pearl Harbor, and O.J.'s Bronco chase had all happened on the same day. For real, it was like totally that big.

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NOAA has added their 3:00 package. Sounds like they will upgrade the whole area to a snow advisory, but still saying there is a lot of uncertainty with track and timing of precip, which will greatly impact snow amounts. Interestingly, columbia, sumter, and camden all have snow chances if their forecasts now with possible incch or two in camden. Seems like the main energy may be a little father east this time...

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