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New Headquarters moving to Memphis


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Great news to land such a promising company. I believe Memphis is already an established logistics locale for many firms, so this would a nice addition to that established business base within the city. Someone else might be able to firm up what other logistics firms already are in the city as that is not an industry I am overly familar with.

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MBJ reports that Verified Person, an HR services firm, is relocating their corporate HQ from New York to the Falls Bldg. downtown after moving parts of the company there from Clark Tower in 2007. It's still a start-up company, but they seem to have a good concept and financial backing. They appear to have about 55 employees now and are looking to add 40 more. It's small gain compared with some of the recent large corporate losses downtown, but this and many other small gains are what's needed to make the downtown office market more attractive.

MBJ: http://memphis.bizjournals.com/memphis/sto.../21/story1.html

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The CA reports more of Hilton's operations are moving to Memphis. Hilton Garden Inn HQ and administrative positions within the company are making the move. It's kind of reminiscent of IP's progression into Memphis-start with the ops and back office jobs and eventually move the whole HQ to town. Hopefully that's a long-term goal here. http://www.commercialappeal.com/news/2009/...-brand-memphis/

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