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mthq's morning walk from home to Downtown!

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Thanks for clicking on another great Alaskan thread! So it was a pretty lazy sunday morning..ermm actually afternoon by the

time I got out. Anyways, so I decided to surprisingly go out for a walk and I decided - what the heck, lets bring my digi

along too.. once I got to town, I just needed a Coke!

the distance covered from the mthq estate to downtown Anchorage.


my neighborhood.


the entrance to the trail


I swear when driving by at night I looked towards the trail as I drove by and saw a shadowy figure beneath the orange lights

who had hair like Kramer and struggled to walk like a drunken Kramer while carrying a trash bag.. pretty spooky stuff..



up to the bridge..



ooh I see blueness ahead..


ah jesus christ.. kids!!


ah yes.. ah yes Mt Susitna (Sleeping Lady) as seen behind Cook Inlet


And now we join the main trail.. of course being the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail.






a quick turnback!






only in Alaska? It was afterall -- a balmy 56 degress.. hew!! seriously I was jus.. man oh man..


hey backpackers! sappenin homies



L to R - 20 story Marriot, 22 Conoco Phillips, and 21 story Atwood Building


under the tracks


Westchester Lagoon - Denali Tower from far off in midtown Anchorage



another quick turnaround!





oh damn already?? we round off the corner of downtown and approach the end


oh well.. here it is



ooh.. hotdog


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Wow awesome you went for a pretty long walk huh? Alaskas a beautiful place it looks so much like the northwest. BTW how warm is it now? Anyhow that trail rocks! :D Yay keep up the good work your the only one that posts ANC pics anymore i dont know what happened to slim? :(

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monsoon - I was actually thinking of making a left instead of a right and walk to the airport instead. If I had done that, I would walk pass earthquake park which is the green area on this map. The picture of the guy with the videocamera and the others on the bench is where I made a right turn to downtown instead of left to the park.


Urbanguy - yep it sure was a long walk! I took this trail way back in the day when I skipped the last 3 days of midle school and walked to downtown.. so I pretty much knew the route from my house ahead of time :D

btw what do u mean Alaska looks like the Northwest?!?!?! As we all know, the northwest tries to look like Alaska!!! ;)

also it is around 60 to 65.. sometimes 55 on average this summer.. and our sun is currently setting at around 12:30AM at night (I wake up to late to tell you when the sun rises.. meh sorry..)

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haha oh yeah thats right Well you guys are the true northwest though cause technically thats where you are! BTW its so amazing that the sun sets so late there thats a trip! So how the heck fast did that happen like did you guys gain like an hour of daylight a week or something? Also, did you get any of downtown or will you be going back soon? I'd also love to see some cool ANC hoods too! :D

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Those are some nice pictures of Anchorage! I love the scenery and I am sure that in the wintertime that area is fabulous! Nice pictures!

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Nice pics of the trail - and only in Alaska would you see skyscrapers peeking behind the trees but otherwise with most of the pics you posted - I could swear that it was in some rural state park with no sign of civilization for miles ahead.

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thanks guys! don't let all the trees full you though.. hehe trust me, its all urban. It seems some of you are forgetting taht Anchorage is facing a land crunch problem ;)

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