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Centennial Hospital Expansion


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The Nashville Post reports this morning that the expansion of Centennial Medical Center has been approved. From what I understand the expansion will involve vertical construction on several buildings at the Center.




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^ all this in addition to the $250 million expansion of the children's hospital as reported below last week. it's hard to fathom that this $170 million hospital could already need a 1/4 billion $ expansion. what's amazing is that these kind of projects just seem to go on and on and on around the vanderbilt campus. not to seem like captain obvious but i think this is why the west end midtown corridor is so hot with retail, office, hotel and residential...so much for worrying about the economy.

Local business briefs: State board approves hospital expansion

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I dont think Vandy has been without a crane up somewhere on the campus for the last 10 to 15 years. If not a crane, then a lot of smaller buildings going up.

Just wait, there is going to be more coming over the next 5 years. I think I posted this on a thread a couple of years ago, but the site expansion plan had or has 7 million sq ft of new space. A lot of that has been ongoing for the last couple of years, but that is a heck of a lot of square footage.

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Woohoo! Cranes!! Thanks for the updating! I have some pictures from July 4th of Nashville. I also have some pictures of Knoxville, which is where I have been living for a year. I am planning to get more invovlved in the East TN forum as well. Oh, I also have pictures of the trip between Nashville and Knoxville and Knoxville and Tullahoma-Manchester. I will get them posted as soon as work lets up a bit! In the meantime, get out there with your camera people and post some pics! This forum has been dead...I know there is some stuff out there underway. Well, if you have been like me and swamped with work then I can understand!

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