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Ice Cream Shop Names


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Favorite: Pink Penguin. (Great logo & merchandising opportunities in that one! The logo practically designs itself. Sell little plush pink penguins as a souvenir for out-of-towners and people with kids. Make it an icon.)

Second: Hopscotch

My perceptions:

Hang-out/destination places like an ice cream shop are best suited with a name that rolls off the tongue. Paavo Gelato might be difficult for some, and spelling it without a prompter...well, not easy for many. (Plus, it sounds expensive.) Coney Iceland better sell hot dogs. (And making it seem local and unique will be really tough.) Global Cooling may have negative and political connotations. The rest are okay, but not memorable.

I, for one, LOVE ice cream. Good luck! :good:

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I think you can have a Pink Penguin and make it "modern", and appeal to a wide variety demographic. In my opinion, you exclude the "family demographic" in Grand Rapids at your own peril, as has been shown by the myriad of failed retailers downtown (unless you're a bar obviously). I was downtown with my kids Sunday and there were families with kids everywhere (and no metered spots to be found anywhere) especially around Rosa Parks Circle, and most retailers were closed. Biggby's in McKay Tower was open and doing a brisk business with a lot of young-uns. :dontknow:
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