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Centennial Hill Neighborhood


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The master plan for revitalizing Centennial Hill, one of Montgomery's most historic neighborhoods, includes restoring vacant and dilapidated housing and creating more emphasis on local businesses. The anchor for the plan will be residential housing on Ross Street and a business district at the intersection of High Street and Jackson Street, the entrance to the neighborhood.

Montgomery Advertiser: Historic Makeover Takes Shape







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A second Ross Street residential renovation, part of the Ross Street Model Block in Centennial Hill, is complete and will be listed for between $58,000-$60,000. The renovation was funded in part by a Community Development Block Grant. This project is redefining affordable housing, according to Donald Jenkins, executive director of The Centennial Hill Gardening Project, a nonprofit organization working to improve the Centennial Hill neighborhood. The Ross Street Model Block renovations are intended to demonstrate the value of home ownership and show that homebuyers will move back to the neighborhood.

Montgomery Advertiser: Little house represents big progress for Montgomery neighborhood

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