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Great Lakes Naval Museum


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Well I must say I was not to excited about this project when I first saw the plans included a building clad in sheet metal. Now that I have seen how it is something I'm still not excited, in fact even the project is looking worse than I would have imagined possible.

Compare these construction photos to the conceptual images



I know the building is long from done so I'm trying not to judge it from what I've seen so far, but it's hard not to.

So far it looks like a steel barn with a few windows cut into the steel after it was already on the building.

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While I still worry about what it will look like in ten or twenty years the building looks much better then that sheetmetal pole-barn structure I photographed in February.


This side faces the channel and overlooks the Silversides.


It's much better then the trailers they have been using for twenty years as well.

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