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1 hour ago, go_vertical said:

I believe that block is owned by one of the RR companies and they're in no rush to sell. 

It is. It was part of the switching yard that allowed freight to be transferred from the NCRR to the Charlotte and South Carolina RR. You can still see some rails in the parking lot pavement.

They (the NCRR) was told by their owners (the state of NC) that they needed to sell a specific list of 'non-core assets' about 7-8 years ago. This parcel as well as the one at 3rd street on the tracks were included in that list and it is clear that they no longer have any value to railroading (as the ROW was transferred to CATS). Interesting that nothing has happened to these two lots in that time.

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9 hours ago, gsutton5 said:

Thanks. I’ve heard something to this effect before, I guess I just don’t understand. It feels as though smaller condo units would be popular amongst young folks looking own property in uptown rather than rent. If there’s such a huge demand to rent in south end / uptown / noda, why wouldn’t there be demand to buy smaller units? Idk

Yah, I think we are starting to see smaller condos go up in SouthEnd, but there are just a lot of for sale townhomes as well, many of which offer more for less. 

There are new condos going up next to the Burger King in SouthEnd, across the street. I imagine we see more of this scale in SouthEnd filling smaller lots.

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2 hours ago, gsutton5 said:

Honestly, I think it’s a no brainer, and would be a massive win for the city. I work for Wells Fargo in uptown. The amount of empty space is mind boggling. No idea why they bought the Duke building. The juke box is vertically empty.

Yah, Wells got the Duke building back in 08 during the Wachovia merge. They were leasing space in 1 Wells Fargo. They also own 2 and 3 Wells and Brevard St.

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4 minutes ago, Blue_Devil said:

Yah, Wells got the Duke building back in 08 during the Wachovia merge. They were leasing space in 1 Wells Fargo. They also own 2 and 3 Wells and Brevard St.

the former Duke Energy Center was started as the Wachovia Corporate Center when that bank merged with Wells Fargo it was the new owner of the building.  But it was built for Wachovia and not anyone else.   Wells put a pause on the occupying most of the space and it was meant for the top execs at Wachovia on the top floors.  So Duke leased space.  But this was built for Wachovia/Wells not anyone else  and as Duke moves out they will take over all their space.  One Wells Fargo has not been owned by the bank in years and years and they had a sweetheart deal on lease rates and when it ran out they moved out LOL.  301 South College aka jukebox is a great class A building that I believe will remain office.  Others may not but that one will.   Wells does indeed own 2 and 3 Wells Fargo towers.  

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8 hours ago, CLTProductions said:

Where do those stairs go? 


Trade Street Subway. Board here for:

  • Silver Line to Belmont (via Airport, Terminal A) - Stallings 
  • Gold Line to I-85 - Eastland Commons 
  • Purple Line to Hoskins (via Seversville) - Derita (via Graham st) 
  • Grey Line to Ballantyne Commons (via Southpark) 
  • Transfer at Gateway for Red Line to Mooresville - Clover (via Rock Hill)
  • Transfer at Gateway for Yellow Line to Shelby (via Kings Mountain) - Spencer
  • Transfer at Gateway for Green Line to Lincolnton (via Mount Holly) - Monroe (via Matthews)
  • Transfer at CTC for Blue Line to Ballantyne Commons (via Pineville) - Speedway (via UNCC)
  • Transfer at CTC for Aquamarine line to Matthews (via Cotswald) - Carowinds (via Airport Terminal B and River District)
  • MetroRapid to N. Meck Communities at street level

CATS pass valid on any line. CATS pass may also be used on Amtrak to Greenville, Columbia, Greensboro and Hickory (via Salisbury)

Bike racks available on all service

Quoted from the sign on the obelisk above the staircase (you gotta zoom wayyyy in and say ‘computer enhance’ out loud several times).

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