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This is just to say a quick, "Hello" and introduction.

My name is Jessan Dunn Otis - born in Glen Cove, Long Island, New York - moved to Buttonwoods (Warwick) when I was 7 - moved to Providence in '68 (my first apt. [one room/shared bath on Barnes Street]) - "urban pioneer" in '78, when my former spouse and I re-habed (with others) 116 Chestnut Street in "The Jewelery District" (then, "you-live-where?!") and, then, Fox Point - until 2002.

Journied 'cross the US (twice) and now live{sodEmoji.{sodEmoji.|}}work just north of PVD.

No place is "far" in Rhode Island.

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runawayjim and Cotuit,

Thanks for your welcomes - much appreciated.

...you mean, like the story of explaining, for the umpty-umpth time, while watching/reporting another car break-in in the parking lot, "No Officer, I live here and I'm watching this out the window of my living room!" ...or, viewing a drunken male and/or female after the accumulating bars let out at 2 AM pissing and/or defecting around the corner of the dumpster, thinking that no one was around ... ? ...or, .... ?

I've got 20+ years worth of stories! :wacko:

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